Welcome to RETROactive, a blog maintained by the Historic Resources Management Branch of Alberta, Culture and Status of Women.

The Historic Resources Management Branch is responsible for the identification and conservation of historic resources in Alberta. Through the following programs, Alberta’s heritage is managed for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

  • Historic Places Research and Designation Program: designates historic places as Provincial Historic Resources, maintains the Alberta Register of Historic Places, and lists Alberta historic places on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.
  • Heritage Conservation Advisory Services Program: provides advice on the proper conservation of historic places, the review and approval of proposed alterations to provincially designated historic places, and support for the Historic Resource Conservation grant programs.
  • Heritage grant funding
  • Provincial Heritage Survey Program: manages a collection of architectural and historical records documenting over 80,000 sites throughout Alberta.
  • Geographical Names Program: coordinates the naming of geographical features in Alberta.
  • Indigenous Heritage Section: works with Indigenous communities to help preserve and protect cultural heritage by assisting in the identification and management of traditional use sites of an historic resource nature, which may include consultation and/or Historical Resources Act requirements.
  • Archaeological Survey: evaluates proposed development projects through the Historical Resources Act regulatory submission, review and approval process; administers the Archaeological Permit Management Systems; and manages site information through maintenance of the Alberta Archaeological Sites Inventory. The Survey also conducts research and works with communities and other stakeholders to increase awareness of archaeology in Alberta and to protect significant sites.

Program information and staff activities shared on RETROactive will highlight Alberta Culture and Status of Women’s commitment to preserve and protect Alberta’s historic places. RETROactive will showcase the future of Alberta’s historic places.