Heritage Art Series

The Heritage Art Series is a collaboration of the Historic Resources Management Branch, the University of Alberta, and the Royal Alberta Museum. Each artwork shares an important story about the people of our province: we hope it fosters a greater awareness of our past and instils a deeper respect for it.

Follow the links below to read about the history and stories that inspired each piece in the Heritage Art Series.

The Lure of Gold in Alberta’s History (Part 1, Part 2)

Brandi Hofer Goldrush

Pitch and Timber: A History of Human Relationships with Trees in Alberta
(Part 1, Part 2)

Funnell Pine


Plough your Furrows Deep: The Foundations of Agriculture in Alberta

Rainbow Fossils and Bison Calling

An Archaeologist’s Perspective on Truth and Heritage

Mountain Movement: How the Rockies Shape Alberta


Lives on Pots: Ancient Pottery in Alberta

Ceramic vessel by Brenda Danbrook.

Changing Animals: Alberta’s Ice Age Megfauna and Wally’s Beach


Blood Kettles and Buffalo Jumps: Communal Hunting on the Plains of Alberta

Figure 7. A row of tipis house anxious families the night before a buffalo jump on Alberta’s rolling prairies. Courtesy of Shannon Ford.

Power and Powder: Early Guns in Alberta

A symbolic portrayal of colliding technologies that influenced early life in Alberta (courtesy of Andy Van Dinh).

Alberta on Fire: A History of Cultural Burning


Megafloods and Layered Pasts: Exposing Alberta’s Oil Sands

Alberta’s Ancient Darts and Atlatl Hunting

RETROactive title graphic

Birch Bark Buccaneers and Prairie Paddlers: An Illustrated Look at Alberta’s Early Boating

(Part 1) and (Part 2)

Preserving the Past at Writing-On-Stone

Writing-on-Stone Anne McCartney

Early Cabins in the West

Trapper's Cabin by Gregg Johnson

Ancient and Early Historic Fishing in the North

Ice Fishing by Jenny Keith

Ecological Catastrophes in Alberta’s Past: The Mazama Volcanic Eruption

Mazama by Karen Bishop