Village of Holden: Holdin’ their Heritage!

The Village of Holden, a community of 398 residents in east-central Alberta, is currently completing a Municipal Heritage Survey and Inventory project with funding assistance from the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program (Alberta Historical Resources Foundation). Approximately 60 sites within Holden have been documented through the survey phase of the project and 24 sites have been evaluated for historical significance as part of the inventory. Completing this project has allowed the Village to get a better hold on their heritage.
At an information session held in January 2011 owners of evaluated properties were able to learn more about the project and discuss the possibility of Municipal Historic Resource designation. 
Written by: Brenda Manweiler, Municipal Heritage Services Officer
Village of Holden, Heritage Committee (Left to Right: D. Maruszeczka, K. Stokowski, P. Nahirniak, B. Manweiler (MHPP), K. Whiteside)


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      To complete a Municipal Heritage Inventory (or a Municipal Heritage Survey or Municipal Heritage Management Plan) your municipality would be welcome to apply for cost-shared funding assistance through the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program (MHPP). Talk with your local councillors and/or speak with municipal administration (i.e. Chief Administrative Officer). They may already be aware of our program or decide that they would like to learn more. MHPP staff will be available to work with the municipality and help determine appropriate steps for local heritage conservation planning.

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