Win a Prize!!

Test your knowledge of Alberta’s historic places and enter a chance to win a great prize. Simply click on the link below and answer the following skill-testing questions:

  1. What monumental Calgary civic building designated as a Municipal Historic Resource, a Provincial Historic Resource, and a National Historic Site of Canada, is celebrating the centennial of its completion this year?
  2. Which municipality is home to Alberta’s most northern Municipal Historic Resource? What is it? (Hint: Which municipality in Alberta covers the largest geographic area?
  3. In the Alberta Heritage Survey Program database, how many sites are listed under the “Social and Recreational: Sport or Athletic Building” Site Type category?
  4. Which municipality has the most Municipal Historic Resources?

Be the first to submit correct answers and you will receive a prize package designed to help you discover Alberta’s historic places.

Each month we will post a new quiz, so stay tuned!


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