All the Presentations: 2011 Municipal Heritage Forum

Recent blog posts featured the presentations shared during the 2011 Municipal Heritage Forum. The complete collection is accessible via the following links:

“Roadmap to Success” – Thank you for a great FORUM! – A brief overview of the two day event.

“The Other Side of the Rockies” – The keynote presentation, which featured case studies from British Columbia.

What information did you miss? – Presentations from the four breakout sessions.

Remembrance Day – A photo essay featuring the venue – the beautiful Prince of Wales Armouries.

“Show and Tell” – A Learning Exchange! – Presentations about municipal heritage projects.

Do you want to be memorable? – A presentation about making your community visitor friendly.

Thank you for your interest and attendance at the 2011 Forum. Planning for the 2012 Municipal Heritage Forum is already underway!

Written by: Brenda Manweiler, Municipal Heritage Services Officer

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