Four New Projects Approved for MHPP Funding!

The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, at its October meeting in Medicine Hat, approved grants for four communities to engage in heritage planning projects with the support of the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program (MHPP).

The City of St. Albert was approved for $20, 000 to undertake a heritage management plan. This builds upon the solid foundation laid by St. Albert with its Heritage Inventory project, completed a few years ago.

Strathcona County, following up from its Heritage Management plan, is now planning to identify its potentially significant historic places. The County was approved for an MHPP grant of $30, 000 to carry out this project.

Clearwater County, a new partner with MHPP, is undertaking a Heritage Inventory project to evaluate five places of interest in the Nordegg Townsite, and five additional resources in rural areas. Clearwater County was approved for an MHPP grant of $12, 500 for this work.

The Village of Holden, which, as a small community, has successfully completed a Heritage Survey and Inventory with the help of MHPP is now looking to create solid heritage policy and a management plan. MHPP is supporting the Village with a grant of $7, 500.

Congratulations to these four communities on partnering with MHPP! We look forward to working with you to help “create a future for Alberta’s Historic Places!”

Written by: Matthew Francis, Manager of Municipal Heritage Services

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