What Municipalities Should Know About Aboriginal Heritage

Resources of significance to Aboriginal peoples are located throughout Alberta. Sometimes these will be places of important traditional use as well as places of great spiritual value. Municipal staff and officials, however, are often not highly aware of what they can do to better understand the many dimensions of Aboriginal heritage.

What Municipalities Should Know About Aboriginal HeritageAt this year’s Municipal Heritage Forum, Valerie K. Knaga, Acting Director of the Aboriginal Heritage Section, provided an informative introduction to this important work. Many connections were made as municipal stakeholders asked questions and networked with Valerie and Blair First Rider, another staff member of the Aboriginal Heritage Section.

The Aboriginal Heritage Section, which is part of Alberta Culture’s Historic Resources Management Branch, has knowledgeable staff – including Valerie and Blair – who are available to assist in building municipal capacity to respond to significant matters of Aboriginal heritage, by:

  • relationship building & facilitation;
  • educational site visits;
  • cultural training; and
  • informational presentations.

2012 marked the first time the Section has been represented at our annual Municipal Heritage Forum and we plan to sustain this important connection in years to come.

Written by: Matthew Francis, Manager of Municipal Heritage Services

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