Province designates Taber Courthouse historic resource

A recent Government of Alberta information bulletin announced one of the latest Provincial Historic Resource designations. Check it out:

The Alberta government has designated the Taber Courthouse, one of Alberta’s early seats of justice, as a Provincial Historic Resource.

Taber Courthouse Provincial Historic ResourceBuilt in 1918, the Taber Courthouse became the model for Alberta courthouses built prior to the Second World War. After being declared a judicial sub-district in 1917, the Town of Taber donated land for the construction of the courthouse building that would also house the local detachment of the newly-formed Alberta Provincial Police. The Taber Courthouse was also the site for meetings of local community organizations and the Taber Town Council. Following the dissolution of the judicial sub-district, the courthouse continued to be used for a variety of provincial government activities and in 1953 became the official Town Hall.

The courthouse currently serves as home to the Centre Court for the Arts, a multi-use arts facility operated by the Arts Council of Taber that showcases the work of local and provincial artists.

“The partnership between the Town of Taber and the Arts Council of Taber in breathing new life into this community landmark is a wonderful example of how our historic resources can continue to provide economic, social and cultural benefits to the community,” said Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk, who joined with representatives from the Town of Taber and the Arts Council of Taber in marking the designation. “Identifying the Taber Court House as a Provincial Historic Resource will help to ensure that future generations will continue to share in those benefits while preserving the story of Taber’s rich heritage.”

“Taber takes great pride in our local history and the contributions our community has made in the development of Alberta,” said Taber Mayor Ray Bryant. “The designation of the Taber Courthouse as a Provincial Historic Resource is an important part of our ongoing efforts to honour our past as we look to grow into the future.”

Alberta currently has more than 350 provincial historic resources. These sites embody the diversity of our province’s history and include medicine wheels, tipi rings, fur trading and mounted police posts, coal mines, farmsteads, ranches, railway stations, grain elevators, churches, schools, government offices, commercial blocks and private residences. Along with helping to provide economic, social and cultural benefits, designation of Provincial Historic Resources helps to ensure that local landmarks will continue to help connect Albertans with their rich heritage. For more information on the Provincial Historic Resource Designation program, click here.

Visit the Alberta Culture Newsroom to read additional releases.

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