Welcome A-board!

Early this year, the Alberta Historical ResourcesFoundation (AHRF) welcomed six newly appointed members to the Board, strengthening its size to 12 members. Dr. Carolee Pollock, Board Chair, with Larry Pearson, Acting Executive Director, and staff ushered them in with an engaging orientation session held at the Edmonton headquarters in February.

“I am delighted to welcome Geraldine Bidulock, Joe Friedel, Robert Gaetz, Laurel Halladay, Leah Millar and Naomi Nind to AHRF’s Board of Directors.  I really appreciate the good questions and discussion that were generated by our newly strengthened Board,” said Dr. Pollock.

The most recent meeting held in Pigeon Lake in May was an equally engaging assembly as Board and staff gathered for the annual report presentations of the five provincial heritage organizations supported by AHRF (Alberta Museums Association, Archives Society of Alberta, Historical Society of Alberta, Alberta Genealogical Society and the Archaeological Society of Alberta); and the adjudication of applications submitted to AHRF’s grant programs (Heritage Preservation Partnership Program, Municipal Heritage Partnership Program and the Alberta Main Street Program).

Dr. Pollock concluded the meeting by saying, “We are fortunate to have a great diversity of skills and backgrounds among our Board members.  This makes for both good decision-making and lively and interesting meetings. The more the merrier!”

Pictured above: Board of the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation. Back row (L-R): Don Totten, Leah Millar, Geraldine Bidulock, Bob Gaetz, Joe Friedel, Fred Bradley, Laural Halladay. Front Row (L-R): Linda Affolder, Carolee Pollock (Chair), Tom Clark, Hazel Hart. (Missing: Naomi Nind.)

Written by: Carina Naranjilla, Grant Program Coordinator

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