Concurrent Breakout Sessions at Municipal Heritage Forum 2012

Municipal Heritage Forum 2012 (November 8th and 9th) will feature a broad range of concurrent breakout sessions designed to inform and inspire. 

DOWNLOAD: Municipal Heritage Forum 2012_Agenda and Registration Form


Julian’s Top Ten (Thursday and Friday)

Keynote speaker Julian Smith will describe his “Top Ten Favourite Places in Canada,” and why they are significant and meaningful. Come gain a new sense of perspective on spaces and places from our resident expert, and enter into a conversation about heritage values – both local and global. 

Building a Heritage Community (Thursday only)

Calgary’s heritage community gathers at the “Community Heritage Roundtable” to socialize, hear snappy presentations, and share information on heritage issues.  Run on no budget by a volunteer committee from a spectrum of heritage-related groups, quarterly events routinely attract more than 100 people, and the Roundtable has developed a contact list of more than 700 emails. Learn how this forum, now in its sixth year, is a gateway for people to connect with heritage, an incubator of heritage initiatives and a “force multiplier” for heritage advocates. Get inspired to start a heritage forum in your community! 

Connecting Homeowners and Heritage: Century Homes Calgary (Friday only)

Century Homes Calgary is an incredibly successful grassroots project that engages people to celebrate houses constructed during Calgary’s first big building boom, which peaked 100 years ago.  Inspired by If This House Could Talk”, a similar project first created by residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts, it attracted over 500 participating households in its inaugural summer of 2012. Owners and residents of century-old houses sign up to display a specially designed garden flag, research the history of their homes, and create and display home‐made signs telling their part of Calgary’s story during Historic Calgary Week. Legacy projects are planned that will leverage the huge network of heritage home owners and advocates.  Find out how this participatory heritage project can be replicated in your community!

Using the Standards and Guidelines (Thursday and Friday)

The Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada are a key tool used in making conservation decisions and alteration approvals for historic places. This classic presentation by Tom Ward, Manager of Heritage Conservation Advisory services is packed with examples and practical know-how. If you have not had training in the “S&G’s” before, this is your chance! If you have, you may just learn something new by attending.

Q & A with Municipal Heritage Services Staff (Thursday only)

Municipal Heritage Services staff – Michael Thome and Brenda Manweiler – will be available to talk with you about whatever municipal heritage issues are on your mind. Want to find out how to conduct a Municipal Heritage Survey? Ever wondered why your community should have a Municipal Heritage Management Plan? Come with your questions! 

Place Names Matter (Thursday and Friday)

Geographical names, or toponyms, serve an integral role in our society. On a practical level they provide reference points, allowing us to easily orient ourselves within our surroundings. However, geographical names are more than just labels on maps; they are a cultural legacy. They can tell us about our history and the values of previous generations. They can reveal trends in exploration and land settlement, resource use and cultural development. They provide us with a sense of both place and time. How we name places and what names we choose for them offer a glimpse of the values held by previous generations and they are a sacred trust that will inform future generations about our values. Join Ron Kelland, coordinator of the Alberta Geographical Names Program as he explains why place names are important, how names are adopted and what can be done to preserve our geographical naming heritage. 

What all municipalities should know about Aboriginal Heritage in Alberta (Thursday and Friday)

Did you know that Alberta Culture, through the Historic Resources Management Branch has a specific program area that works with Aboriginal communities to help preserve and protect their cultural heritage sites? Aboriginal Consultation Advisor Valerie Knaga will be available to give you all the information needed to increase your awareness of how this program area may be able to assist communities. 

Heritage District Learning Lab – It Happened on “Church Street” (Thursday and Friday)

Are you interested in heritage districts or areas? The City of Edmonton is working on creating and defining a unique heritage district in the inner-city. Come hear Heritage Planner David Holdsworth showcase the unfolding process behind the “Church Street” project. 

“Money, Money, Money!” – AHRF Grants 101 (Friday only)

Let’s face it, it takes resources to properly steward historic places. The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation has a number of funding programs and categories, which can help support heritage work. Grants Program Coordinator, Carina Naranjilla, will walk you through the Foundation’s grants and answer your questions.

A World Class Heritage Experience – The Historic Clay District (Thursday and Friday)

Medalta, Medicine Hat’s Historic Clay District is a National Historic Site of Canada and a Provincial Historic Resource. It is also a museum and increasingly a world-class destination in its own right. Hear from Executive Director Barry Finkelman about how Medalta is leading the way in cultural tourism for historic places.

Interested in attending Municipal Heritage Forum 2012?

DOWNLOAD: Municipal Heritage Forum 2012_Agenda and Registration Form

Prepared by: Brenda Manweiler, Municipal Heritage Services Officer

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