Re-Imagining the Urban Landscape & Motivations for Conservation

Forum 2012 Keynote Address

While the weather outside was frightful, the keynote address by Julian Smith at this year’s Municipal Heritage Forum intrigued and delighted a rapt audience of heritage stakeholders from across Alberta.

Entitled “Re-Imagining the Historic Urban Landscape,” the presentation examined some of the historical underpinnings (‘biases’)  that have guided heritage conservation, and charted a new trajectory broad enough to include landscapes and the ‘rituals’ by which people live in today’s globalized world. In his opening remarks, Julian described how international eyes are on Canada, and indeed on Alberta, as we launch into new conservation perspectives.

A Diagram composed by Julian Smith describing the historical “biases” that have characterized heritage conservation activities.

This wide-ranging re-imagination spanned the globe as Julian showcased examples and issues from Canada, the United States, Japan, India, and Europe. The newly emerging “ecological” focus not only embraces broader environmental concerns, but also takes into account the relationships between built heritage and its surroundings in a deeper way.

Many Forum participants commented on how Julian’s presentation expanded their horizons, opening up new avenues for consideration and ideas they hadn’t thought of before.

Stay tuned! A copy of Julian’s presentation will soon follow.

City of Calgary Senior Heritage Planner Darryl Cariou presents Julian Smith with the City’s traditional “White Hat” honour.

Written by: Matthew Francis, Manager of Municipal Heritage Services

2 thoughts on “Re-Imagining the Urban Landscape & Motivations for Conservation

  • I’m really glad to learn there will be a posting of Julian Smith’s address. We were so sorry to miss the conference this year! We’re not afraid of snow, in fact we love it, but it was impossible to get out of our direct environment. Next year! In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy receiving these wonderful updates.

    • Hi Jane. Yes, certainly do stay tuned to RETROactive – over the coming weeks we will be posting many of the presentations provided during the Forum.

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