Lecture Series: Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site

Have you ever been curious about Rutherford House?? 

What is the history behind this provincial historic site? 

Who was Rutherford and what did this man do that was so important? 

How did this house become protected and why? 

What about the architecture of the house? 

Is it Edwardian, Jacobethan, or Queen Anne Revival?

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Rutherford House, we have asked our colleagues to help us answer these questions and more.  Join us in Edmonton for a mini lecture series at Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site, take a tour of the house and enjoy some tea and fresh baked cookies.

Sunday, October 16, 2 pm; Rutherford House:  A House, a Family, their Community and Times

Presented by Ron Kelland, Historic Places Researcher and Geographical Names Program Coordinator

Sunday October 23, 2 pm; Conserving Rutherford House

Presented by Larry Pearson, Director of Alberta’s Historic Places Program

Sunday October 30, 2 pm; Achnacarry: Designed for a Purpose

Presented by Dorothy Field, Coordinator of the Alberta Heritage Survey

PROGRAM FEE: $5.00 per person / includes lecture, tour of the house museum, along with tea and home baked cookies.

For additional details, please click here: Rutherford House Mini Lecture Series, 2011. For location information, please click on the attached map.

Pre-registration required by calling (780)427-3995 or (780)427-0357.

4 thoughts on “Lecture Series: Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site

    • I am happy to hear that the first lecture received some positive feedback. Hopefully you will be able to check out the remaining two lectures.

  • Hi. It’s a minor thing, but you may want to put the address for Rutherford House in some of the advertising material for the lectures (which sound great). It took me a minute to even remember if Rutherford House was in Edmonton or Calgary. Yes, true confession. Greg

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