After the Flood: Archaeology in Alberta and the Occasional Paper Series

The Archaeological Survey of Alberta is proud to release Occasional Paper Series No. 37 dedicated to historic resources encountered and documented during investigation programs following the June, 2013 flood in southern Alberta. The volume contains 18 articles written by historic resources consultants, university researchers, staff of the Royal Alberta Museum, and members of the Archaeological Survey of Alberta. The flood eroded and blanketed archaeological, palaeoenvironmental, and palaeontological sites; Alberta Culture and Tourism coordinated a series of contracts in 2014, 2015, and 2016 to understand how these sites were impacted, what remained, and how to manage surviving records in the face of continuing disturbances. The articles in this volume share those results.

Why is this important?

The Occasional Paper Series (nicknamed the Blue Book) offers a venue to share information about historic resources and to stimulate, illuminate, and debate the records and practices of archaeological work in the province. The 2013 flood was a devastating reminder that interpretive potentials of historic resources can be threatened by natural catastrophes. The articles in this volume showcase methods, techniques, and approaches to document historic resources while sharing some of the exciting new discoveries encountered during surveys and excavations conducted under the Southern Alberta Flood Investigation Program. In particular, new insights have been gained regarding Alberta’s Protohistoric Period, whiskey trade posts, a new bison jump, the use of macrofossils to reconstruct past environments, methods of digitally capturing landforms, and remote sensing techniques to document subsurface features. We hope this work spurs new research and informs management strategies.

The current and past volumes are available for free download here.


 The Archaeological Survey of Alberta would like to acknowledge the hard work of all partici­pants of the Southern Alberta Flood Investigation Program – the historic resource consultants, scientific specialists, students, volunteers, river boat pilots, interested public, and landowners – for their efforts that made the program possible. The reports, and published versions in this volume, will be one of the lasting legacies of the program. Thank you to all of the program participants for a shared commitment to the ideals of heritage stewardship.

Written By: Trevor R. Peck, Regional Archaeologist

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