Painting Alberta

Editor’s note: Learn about another artist who used resources from the Provincial Archives of Alberta on her latest project.

Written by: Erin Sekulich, Provincial Archives of Alberta

For five years, Sabine Lecorre-Moore has been traveling all over Alberta to museums, archives and community collections to find photographs featuring the experiences of Albertans. These images mainly depict the outdoors and feature her own interpretation of photographs from the 1800s to the present. While Lecorre-Moore works with several mediums, acrylic paint is Sabine’s tool for her latest project Painting Alberta. The 6”x 6” canvases are intended to be arranged and re-arranged into various patterns based on the exhibit space.

Sabine Lecorre-Moore working in the late Harry Kiyooka’s painting studio.

This need for story telling and knowing her subjects is what has brought the artist on the journey to various archives and museums across Alberta. At the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA), she found an image of the Japanese Garden in Lethbridge (July 1974), which led her to create the beautiful art piece pictured below. After coming to visit the PAA with a few of her pieces, Sabine met with archivist Kate Lazure and found numerous other photographs in the extensive PAA collection to add to her ever-growing exhibit which tells Alberta stories, past and present.

Japanese Garden, Lethbridge. Source: Provincial Archives of Alberta, GR1989.0516.0217.0003.
How many of these places do you recognize? Source: Sabine Lecorre-Moore.

Lecorre-Moore’s exhibit is currently housed at the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre and will be exhibited in various locations throughout the next year. Keep an eye on her website to stay up to date on where to see it next!

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