The Archaeological Survey in Numbers – 2021 Update Part Two

Written By: Colleen Haukaas, Archaeological Survey

This week’s post highlights archaeological sites recorded in 2021 under archaeological permits issued by the Archaeological Survey. Part One of this post discussed archaeological permits, archaeologists, and archaeological field activities from 2021.

More than 40,000 archaeological sites have been recorded in Alberta, and archaeologists record 500-700 new sites per year. Sites can include a few artifacts or complex, multi-site areas like Áísínai’pi/Writing-on-Stone. Most sites in recent decades are recorded by archaeologists working in the cultural resources management (CRM) industry. CRM archaeologists work with developers to avoid potential impacts to known or potential archaeological resources in Historic Resources Impact Assessments. Sites are also recorded by researchers at universities, museums, and other institutions, who tend to conduct detailed research at the same sites year-to-year. Site records are managed and archived at the Archaeological Survey’s Alberta Archaeological Sites Inventory.

You can explore previous Survey in Numbers to compare statistics year over year.

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